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Financial Services Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Move money efficiently and faster

EZcale simplifies your financial operations, allowing payments to move fast, monitored from beginning to end, no matter the payment method – be it credit/debit cards, bank transfers and bills, or even international – with white-labels APIs, web and POS terminal applications.

Incoming payments

Accept and manage incoming payments from bank transfers, credit/debit cards, bills and digital wallets, in a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified information vault. Exchange data using our APIs, file import or manual entry.

Virtual accounts

Virtual accounts are a great tool for businesses that need to juggle multiple bank accounts. Keep track of and reconcile payments and deposits, set up approval rules, streamline payment workflows, and monitor payments from start to finish.

Outgoing payments

For businesses such as commissions and compensation service providers, marketplaces, fintechs and banks, as it allows them to quickly and efficiently make payments to multiple recipients using our APIs, file import or manual entry.

Point-of-sale Terminal Software

Point of Sale Terminal Software is the fast, secure, and reliable way to accept payments, all major credit and debit cards as well as contactless payments. It has intuitive user interface, and integration to suite of tools, with access to features such as customer analytics, shopping cart, point-of-sale lending, and more.

Compliance & Fraud

Stay compliant with payments & banking applicable laws and regulation. Detect and prevent fraud by monitoring business transactions. Real-time compliance reports to quickly identify any potential issues and take the necessary steps to address them.

M2M & Affiliate programs

Member-get-member feature allows existing members to refer new users to join the membership. New users can join by simply filling out a webform with the referral link or code provided by the existing member. Upon successful referral, all hierachy chain above merchant will receive the rewards.

Transactions billing system

Transactions billing system is the best way to bill all the participants of a financial services network, using an automated billing system that links the network to one or more payment processors. This system can be programmed to automatically reconciliate all charges of all players on the network, or it can be set up to allow players to manually enter their fees information. Real-time information and high-capacity infrastructure.

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Streamlined financial operations. Save time and money by automating processes and consolidating financial operations into one central platform. Provide increased visibility into cash flow and financial performance to customers. Set up approval rules, automate payment workflows, and track payments from initiation to reconciliation.


As a fintech business, streamlining financial operations, utilizing virtual accounts, and mass payoutshave huge positive impact on bottom line. Automation can save time and money, and virtual accounts give you real-time visibility into your financial performance. Mass payouts are a great way to quickly and efficiently send payments to multiple people or organizations at once.

Acquirer Banks

Acquirer banks can benefit from to reduce manual errors, streamline processes, and provide real-time visibility into cash flow and financial performance of business opportunities. Data abundance lead to improvement of customer service, by making it easier to manage customer accounts and transactions. Additionally, automation can allow banks to reach more customers, allowing them to offer more competitive and valuable services.

Issuers and Bin Sponsors

Issuers and Bin sponsors can benefit from automate billing processes, allowing them to commission 3P more efficiently and increase sales channels reach. Additionally, the software can provide real-time data analytics and reporting solutions, allowing enhanced financial performance tracking. Ultimately, EZcale management software can support issuers and Bin sponsors optimize their operations and improve overall financial performance.

Growth and Governance for your business

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