Dynamic real time multi-part commissioning

How it works

The EZcale billing system is a comprehensive and dynamic solution for businesses of all sizes that need to manage billing and commissioning. It offers flexible process flow configuration, multi-commissioning, split payments, and dynamic billing. All receiving parts can observe/ access comissioning data in real time using our white label dashboards and APIs.

The system is designed for Payments Schemes, Card Issuers and Bin Sponsors, Bank Acquirers and Card Acceptance. It provides a streamlined billing process and allows for easy customization of payment schemes, card issuing, bin sponsoring, and card acceptance.

This flexible process flow configuration works in proven high capacity, real time transaction technologies with full access to OLAP/ OLTP data. And beyond knowing what to pay, we can process embedded finance/ treasuring.

This makes it easy to manage billing and commissioning efficiently and cost-effectively at any scale.